The Wounded Marine Fund represents just what its name implies. It was created to help Marines returning from The War on Terror with missing limbs. The Wounded Marine Fund comprises both individual and corporate donations to provide aid to these heroes.

Unlike other organizations, The Wounded Marine Fund focuses on long term help. Because these individuals will have their injuries for the rest of their lives, your support will provide aid for years to come.

The Wounded Marine Fund creates and funds trusts for each of its beneficiaries. The trusts allow the beneficiaries to use tax free funds for any purpose that will assist in coping with or improving their ability to face the many lifestyle changes resulting from their combat related injuries. These wounded Marines will be able to purchase equipment, services, or any item which will better their ways of life. Each beneficiary can access his or her funds as long as desired until the trust is depleted.

We help as many heroes as our donations allow. With your support, we can assist more injured Marines.

Help Heroes Heal.